Job Title: Youth Care Worker 1
Department: Emergency Shelter
Reports To: Program Administrator
Conditions: Hourly, full-time, working 8 hour shift, 40 hours week with occasional overtime; or, part-time, working less than 30 hours a week as assigned by Program Administrator.  Employment is at the will of the employer and there are no guarantees implied or written of permanent employment.


  1. Will follow all policies and procedures of the Emergency Shelter and Harmony Family Services, Inc. and those of any government agencies that exercise authority over the programs of Harmony Family Services, Inc.
  2. Will report to the assigned shift on time (meaning 15 minutes before the hour) and be ready to accomplish the goals, tasks, and requirements of the job.
  3. Will, when necessary, provide additional shift coverage on an emergency basis so as to allow for illness, vacations, or staff shortages.
  4. Seeks out and attends training when offered.
  5. Seeks out effective communication with management.
  6. Will brief the staff relieving you on the next shift of the day’s activities, problems, incidents, or events as they have relevance for that worker.
  7. Will participate in all scheduled treatment team staffings and staff meetings.  
  8. Will report abuse or suspected abuse, neglect or suspected neglect or any other behavior or events that endanger the health and well being of any child to the Program Administrator or next higher official whether actual or suspected.  
  9. Will keep the child’s therapist informed of group or personal problems of the child.
  10. Will document daily events, activities, incidents, problems, successes, and conflicts any child may experience during the assigned shift.
  11. Maintain the facility in a clean, non-dangerous, and presentable condition at all times.
  12. Will follow the program routine and schedule provided by the Program Administrator.
  13. Will work professionally with other staff to provide a therapeutic environment for children in care.
  14. Will be knowledgeable of the treatment plan for each child and assure that each treatment goal is being addressed.
  15. Will see to the needs of each child on a daily basis such as food, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene, health, recreation, transportation, education, and values training in a moral context.
  16. Will supervise the activities of all children in care during the shift assigned.
  17. Will attempt to develop a personal, therapeutic, and appropriate adult-child relationship with each resident and use that relationship to accomplish treatment goals.
  18. Will supervise the residents during the assigned shift in their chores, personal needs, school homework, personal hygiene, clothing care, selection of recreation, and health needs.


Ensuring the safety and well being of all residents in care of the Emergency Shelter by supervising them in all daily activities, recreation, and program routine.  No staff supervisory responsibilities.  


Must be at least 21 years of age; pass criminal background and abuse/neglect history checks;  be free of contagious TB;  have the physical, mental and emotional ability to perform required tasks; ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing; and enjoy working with children and youth.


Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.  Prior experience working with children and/or adolescent youth is preferred.  Orientation to the agency and population served will be completed prior to having contact with children, and pre-service training including emergency behavior intervention will be provided prior to worker being left alone with children in care.  Training of at least 50 hours a year is required annually and the worker is expected to attend all training provided at the agency’s expense.


Must have valid Texas driver’s license.  Will be provided training for certification in First Aid, CPR, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI).

To apply, download the personal data form and the job posting form. Submit completed applications to Jamie Breed at Mail-ins, or drop-offs during regular business hours, also acceptable.

Harmony Family Services
305 Grape Street
Abilene, TX