Job Title: Case Manager/Intake Worker
Department: Harmony Family Services’ Emergency Shelter
Reports To: Emergency Shelter Program Administrator
Conditions: Salary, full-time, on-call, normal hours 8-5 but may vary due to intake schedules.  Employment is at the will of the employer and there are no guarantees implied or written of permanent employment.

SUMMARY:  The Case Manager/Intake Worker reports directly to the Program Administrator.  This position is responsible for intakes into the shelter, the daily monitoring of the children’s files and records, development of the residents’ service plans, and for ensuring that tasks in the service plans are completed.  The Case Manager serves as the liaison between the agency and CPS Caseworkers, therapists, medical consultants, and psychiatrist.  The Case Manager works closely with the Program Administrator , keeping him/her well informed of the children’s needs at all times   The Case Manager is responsible for knowing and ensuring all agency policies and procedures, contracts, and licensing standards are followed at all times.


  1. The Case Manager/Intake Worker will maintain all records of children in care at the Harmony Emergency Shelter and maintain a caseload of a maximum of 13 residents.  This includes but is not limited to completing documentation (intake forms, service plans, face sheets, monthly reports) in a timely manner and sending them to appropriate persons.
  2. Will establish verbal contact with each child’s agency caseworker or guardian and maintain such contact as needed in order to provide quality services to the child.  These agencies include but are not limited to Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Juvenile Probation Departments, and family members.  Will report to each guardian any significant event within a reasonable time period (next working day) such as suicide gestures, runaway, assaults, etc.
  3. Will serve as the shelter’s liaison with medical professionals, setting up appointments for the children as needed for dental exams, medical exams, counseling services, psychiatric appointments, etc., and will provide transportation if necessary.
  4. Will be the shelter’s liaison with educational personnel, collecting all education records and documents as needed to enroll each child in school, scheduling ARD Committee meetings as needed, and keeping the Program Administrator informed of such activities.
  5. Will maintain close contact with the Program Administrator, providing information as needed.
  6. On-call to complete all intakes to the Emergency Shelter, and facilitates referrals to other HFS programs and other agencies when deemed appropriate.
  7. Will attend leadership meetings and staffings, taking notes when necessary.
  8. Will ensure the Emergency Shelter Plan of Operation and all Licensing and state contract requirements are followed.
  9. Will provide additional coverage or assistance to the youth care staff when requested or indicated.
  10. Any other duties assigned by the Program Administrator or Executive Director in his/her absence.
  11. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: This position requires no direct supervision of staff, but it is essential in monitoring and reporting any actual or suspected abuse, neglect, or endangerment of any child to the Program Administrator.  The Case Manager will ensure that the daily needs of the children are met and that their environment is safe, secure, and conducive to a therapeutic environment.


Preference given to those with a Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral science/mental health field of study and prior experience in working with at-risk children and youth. Exceptions may be based on exceptional prior experience or special qualifications.


The Case Manager should have knowledge or skills in the following areas: child/adolescent development; special needs of abused/neglected children and youth; time management practices that assures the completion of all assigned tasks in a timely manner;  a professional approach in communication with other professionals in the medical, social work or treatment fields; documentation skills; computer skills in Word and Excel programs; and the ability to learn and implement all licensing requirements for a licensed emergency shelter in the state of Texas, policies of Harmony Family Services, Inc. and the Emergency Shelter Plan of Operation. Must have a valid driver’s license and be trained or certified in First Aid, CPR, and Crisis Prevention Intervention (training will be provided by agency as needed).

To apply, download the personal data form and the job posting form. Submit completed applications to Jamie Breed at Mail-ins, or drop-offs during regular business hours, also acceptable.

Harmony Family Services
305 Grape Street
Abilene, TX